Application for Membership

Choose the best membership to suit you ...

We offer a number of different classes of membership:

  • Junior club membership 40.00
  • Adult membership 90.00
  • Family Membership 180.00

Family membership is intended for familes of any size, resident at a single address, and offers better value than individual memberships when the application includes either two adults and at least one child or one adult and at least three children.

What would you like to do?

a) Apply for membership in your own right (can be either adult or junior membership)

b) Apply for membership on behalf of someone else (e.g. your son or daughter)

c) Apply for family membership


The membership year

Membership runs from the date of application up until the end April. Applications received more than one-quarter of the way through the membership year will be charged pro-rata, at a reduced rate.